Cutting edge technology

Machinery pool
Pool of machines for bending jar stoppers
Production machines
Mechanical stopper production machines
Cam machines
High performance cam machines, extremely flexible whatever the series.
Quality control
Rigorous quality control in our laboratory with numerous specific inspection machines, developed by us.
Laser marking
Permanent laser marking on all stoppers in stainless steel wire for optimum traceability.
moulding technology with a heavy core moulded with a shell for quality identical to porcelain.
Moulding the seal
The seal is completely flush with the head. Perfect hygiene because there are no chinks between the head and the washer, more airtight thanks to the absence of any holes in the washer.
The ideal stopper for pasteurisation.
Washing the mechanical stopper
Mechanical stoppers are washed in specific equipment. The stoppers are washed, dried and packaged in pouches.